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“Flowers in a room have a quality in common with the presence there of people or a fire, they bring it to life, make it looked lived in”

   Constance Spry, How To Do The Flowers, 1953 

We recently did a tour of our home for Olivia Lidbury for her interior lovers goldmine Instagram account Home_Stories (once we actually found time to tidy and preen amongst the lockdown mayhem) and it made me realise just how many flowers I have dotted around our home. I know, I know, slightly biased as I am obviously a florist, however I have become quite the serial flower faffer and thought it might be helpful to share a few tips on how to go about creating the perfect flower arrangement for your home.

dried flowers


Where are your dried flowers going to live? Well, I would recommend thinking about where do you spend most of your time and start with that. Is there a dreary corner that needs a spruce? This might be in your lounge or family room, in which case how do you add gorgeous dried and preserved flowers that won’t be torn apart and knocked over by tiny humans or pets? Go high - if you have a fireplace its time to get your mantlescape on - or if you have some bookshelves go there! If you don’t need to worry about any mini destroyers then quite frankly the world is your oyster. I would suggest going to town making a divine centre piece for the focal point of the room. Then lastly, WFH is the trend of champions whether we like it or not so start by giving your desk space a little cheer for when those zoom calls have you slightly brain dead. Behind you whilst on your video call? Sneaky (but clever.)

dried flowers

Tip 2: The VASE

Once you have your perfect spot for floral intervention, this should help you select an appropriate vase. If creating a mantlescape of dreams is your preference, I would recommend going large or tall to make a bold statement. Alternatively you could try styling a couple at each side. Or if you want you go the whole (floral) hog, mini vases all the way across looks divine. They need not be large - I have used vintage bud vases found on eBay and popped a few stems in each.

dried flowers

A desk space however needs some more thought; you don’t want to go too oversized here (unless your desk is well endowed of course) so perhaps something small will be most suitable so the flowers don't intrude. 

I couldn’t recommend flowers for the bedside-table more! Here I would opt for a small vase and one of our letterbox arrangements. Don't be scared to trim them down if need be, and remember as I always recommend you can always add paper in the bottom if you over trim.

dried flowers

If you’re going in for an Oscar-winning centerpiece, go big. This is where you can really have fun so I pick a large vase and get stuck in.

Tip 3: The BLOOMS

Ok, so now you have decided and your location and vase of choice so now for the all important bit; WHICH FLOWERS? As I mentioned above, for a bedside or desk space I would start with selecting from our letterbox flowers range - you don’t need to go too big in these spaces. I would also look out for arrangements with preserved eucalyptus or dried lavender for some added scents.

Medium-to-large arrangements will work best for your mantlepiece - make a statement with pampas grass, hydrangeas, and lots of preserved eucalyptus foliage. Then get out all your fancy candles, candlestick holder (but PLEASE don’t burn them too close to the actual flowers!) have fun rearranging your fave ornaments and keepsakes, or your family pics, and hey presto! A gorgeous mantlescape is now the focus of your favourite room. P.S if you don’t have a mantlepiece fear not, you can create the same impact with a side table. 

dried flowers

The centerpiece; this can be played with in two ways. Firstly, you can style your flowers at one end of your dining table, as I always do, leaving enough room for the family but adding a bit of personality and colour to what is otherwise a fairly large empty space. Alternatively make a huge statement in the middle with a large vase and either tie the arrangement or try using chicken wire to secure the stems. This allows you to be more sculptural. For this type of flower arrangement I would recommend looking at a medium-to-large style to really make a dramatic impact. You could even get your best table linen involved too.

Whichever way you choose to go, the outcome will be just marvellous. 

Love Natasha. x


This Month's Inspiration

BOOK - as I was born and bred in Yorkshire I have been surrounded by the wonderful scenery and talent of David Hockney most of my life. His use of colour captures my imagination and always manages to lift my day. His latest book Spring Cannot Be Cancelled is sure to also make your day a bit more upbeat.

STAYCATION - if you’re after a mini retreat take a look at this delightful home on Instagram called dot_cottage. It's described as ‘a tiny house the size of a dot’ in Rye, East Sussex and it has certainly made it to the top of my escape list. The decor looks whimsical and charming, ideal for a well earned girls weekend! 

DAY TRIP - have you ever been to Deal in Kent? If not I insist you take the next train and have a mini adventure immediately. Crammed full of beautiful restaurants, cafes and bars, delightful boutiques, and vintage shops then a stroll along the seafront. I-Deal in fact! 

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