With a background in design for the luxury fashion industry, plus renovating three homes over the years, Natasha is fully fledged to take on interior design, helping you to bring out your own personal style with confidence.

(take a peek at some of my work here and here.)
A career spent meticulously analysing and playing with colours and textures, with a big emphasis on attention to detail and collective finish.

A focus on sustainably and mindfulness in approaching design, 'where is it made', 'what is it made from', 'will it stand the test of time' is integral to our process.
Sometimes, it's just a soundboard thats needed and other times it's about being in it together and seeing the whole project through, holding hands with an expert packed with ideas. Whatever it is you need get in touch with Natasha and lets get plotting.

Remote (or in person) one-off consultation
A one-off meeting offering everything from brainstorming, discussion of function, colour planning and how to kick off your project. Come prepared with questions and we will explore ideas together. We will then follow this up with an email. Concepts boards can also be executed for an additional cost ready for you to take a project of your own under your wing with confidence. Depending on location, in-person consultations may incur additional costs.

Full interior design
Appreciation Project can help you with both residential and boutique hospitality projects, taking it all stage by stage. We will discuss through everything together, gaining an understanding of the property, the space and desired function, to concepts of colour and design.

From concept to completion we aim to help you create a space thats imaginative and unique to you.