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Curate Your Home

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For this instalment, I'm focusing on the finishing touches. Giving you the confidence to mix and match all your favourite things into a tasteful kaleidoscope of treasures.

Before you begin, think about what your true style is to you? What are your favourite colours? Do you love textures? Are you a maximalist? (like myself) Or are you more of a minimalist, clean-living type person? (I can only strive to be this) Then next, if you live with someone else, what is their style preference and does this need to be taken into consideration? Sadly for me, I am continually trying to nudge my husband into my style, more often than not to be sent back for a re-think on my brilliant idea! Next on my list are my two kids and two cats. This means for me that I have to cleverly curate my precious items and think about things such as suitable heights. It's important to think of what your own list is before going ahead and displaying your most prized vase on the coffee table that sits in the centre of small people or animals charging around.

Whether you are styling a flat, bungalow or a large period home, make every 'zone' feel special. Don't worry about being overly eclectic - if you have fallen in love with something and have confidence in it, it will all come together. Trust your instincts. I seem to have an obsession with coffee tables and side tables, amongst many other things. Some get a sanding down and a lick of pain in a bold statement colour or they are treated to a piece of striped fabric. I then curate my homeware to suit the table without concerning myself too much about what chair or sofa it might be next to. I also find that the right throw or cushion can be the perfect bridge to marry the two zones together in colourful harmony. 

What items inspire you? I have noticed over the years that I naturally collect and curate mini collections and display them together without fear of anything needing to match. It just works because each of the objects has an individual story. When I first began dreaming of ideas about dried flower bouquets, I adamantly wanted to have a modern approach to styling them. I came across Raawii and knew these were the vases that would compliment this vision perfectly. Bold in design with strong vibrant colours to really make the flowers pop. I love to be playful with colours and the sizes when they're side-by-side, and no matter what I mix and match alongside them, it always works.

As much as I try and only buy things that I truly love or treasure, it's inevitable that some 'on trend' items creep in from time to time too. So my approach to buying is this; buy things that are made to last and that you know you will treasure for a long time to come, even to hand down to your children. Secondly, if my taste changes or I simply want to give a room a refresh accessories are the perfect way to do this. You may have already noticed in the images of my home how much I love a lamp, cushions, collectable glassware and of course, dried flowers. When the time comes that I want to give the room a breath of newness I make sure I sell any unwanted items on eBay first and then replace them. Keep things moving! Don't put them in the bin or leave things sitting in a cupboard collecting dust - let someone else get joy out of them.

Whether you're styling a mantlepiece, shelf or coffee table, curate without fear. Just make sure it's unique and meaningful to you. Be brave.

Have fun & enjoy.
Love Natasha x

This Month's Inspiration

BOOK - Around That Time: Horst at Home, can be found on eBay and second hand sellers on amazon. A book of absolutely beautiful book inspiration delving into some of the worlds most incredible homes.
EXHIBITION - Come to Margate and visit Tracey Emin 'A Journey To Death' at the Carl Freedman Gallery on until 19th June.
DAY TRIP - Why not spend the day or weekend here in my local town of Margate, its bursting with bars, incredible restaurants and shops plus the Turner Contemporary art gallery. Here's my top tips, but there are so many more I really should dedicate a whole story on it soon!...

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