Flower Care

The preservation of our flowers is a revolutionary process using natural flowers from which the sap has been substituted with glycerin and treated with plant-based natural dyes. This unique process allows the flowers to keep their softness and beauty. Some species even preserve their natural smell! This process and the products used are environmentally friendly. The stabilised plants are biodegradable and sustainable.
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We regularly get asked - how long do dried flowers last? Our arrangements will last for up to a year but do require some basic care to look their best:
  • DO NOT WATER YOUR FLOWERS. Whisper it quietly but we love fresh plants and flowers too so if you get the urge to water, these should be your target.
  • Touching the flowers once arranged - albeit difficult - should be avoided. Some flowers can stain walls and clothes if over-handled.
  • The natural dyes can be transferred to hands and clothes. Don't sweat because as they are natural they can be easily cleaned.
  • These are intended for indoor use. You have been warned.
  • Try and avoid direct sunlight. This can affect the flower’s beautiful colour.
  • Air conditioners or heaters (including radiators) can have an affect on the flowers. Choose your placement wisely.
  • Our arrangements are in for the long haul and so can get dusty. If this happens, a low power (cool) hair dryer works best or a soft feather duster keeps them looking sharp.
  • Finally if you do become bored of your wonderful arrangement (?!?!) make sure you dispose of the flowers in your garden waste bin as to not let off any methane gas into our wonderful planet. OR even better pass them on to someone else to appreciate.