Why is this important to us?

We pride ourselves on being a brand with a good heart. Our approach is to only create or design objects that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Dried Flowers: The fresh flower industry is (by definition) short-term, high cost and generally has a big impact on the environment. From the production process - non-recyclable plastics, overall carbon footprint - to disposal and damaging methane gas release - our ethos is to challenge that where possible.

All our flowers are preserved, dried and dyed using an eco-friendly and sustainable process with the aim of being sourced using the closest geographical suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint whilst in transit. Flowers are largely seasonal and whilst we’d love them all to make the shortest possible trip from within the UK, currently we also source from France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. We believe in transparency in our approach.

Antique and vintage sourcing: what could be better than giving beautiful items a new lease of life?

Designed by AP: the Marbles are all made in Britain with this whole process being carefully carried out by two craftsmen to create each individual vase. With every single piece individually and artistically made, no two exactly the same. A true work of art. All of soft furnishings are also all carefully handmade here in Britain and where possible we use recycled fabrics or fabrics made in Britain, saving air miles and giving a helping hand to support craftsmanship.

Packaging: our flower delivery carton is designed just for us, is produced in the UK and is of course eco-friendly (see the theme here?) and fully recyclable as well as the tape, stickers and cards. The fabric tie is also recyclable....or simply save it and reuse when wrapping a gift for a loved one.

All our packaging for other items is also produced in the UK and eco-friendly whether that’s card, peanut packing or bubble wrap, rest assured its all the planet friendliest option we can find.

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