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Cosy Mode: ON

Posted by Natasha Lyon on

"Stopping still and cosying up has become the greatest luxury of our time"
Cosy The British Art of Comfort ~ by Laura Weir


With endless lists of to-do's we begin to feel like the chap in red with the beard this time of year, without any of the fun. I mean a flying sleigh sounds an ideal way to do the school run to me. When I began Appreciation Project, there were at least 101 reasons but pretty up there was the discovery I made whilst arranging flowers. I realised it carved out a creative little me time, a moment to only focus on doing something nice, that didn't include doom scrolling or the doom of the news. Just me and the flowers. Then I was left with something rather lovely, that lasts, so every time I passed them I would get a mini buzz of happy. And this is exactly what we all need.

So I began creating dried flower styles for YOU to share in this very joy. Encouraging that important moment of self care and total immersion of something colourful and happy. Something to help you appreciate the small things.


As Appreciation Project has grown and evolved over the last few years, I can offer a few more tricks for the all important cosy nook. I have tracked down the most perfect candles from British Colour Standard that are not only sustainably made, in the most brilliant colours but they also have a burn time of 12hrs with no mess. A huge self care tick from me. What's more I have found myself turning off my beloved collection of lamps and opting for candles instead. And guess what; when I have finally wrestled the kids to bed, the wonderful calming quality of candles manages to de-child the evening wonderfully.
Next on my list of cosy is the all important vintage welsh blanket. The marvellous colour mixes will also add a unique compliment to your home. An ideal companion to your comfy armchair (well accessorised by cushions a plenty via Katy Takla. For the record no I don't agree with a well established interiors magazine who warns not to over-do the cushions on the sofa and bed. This simply won't fly in my house - the more the merrier and I wont be told otherwise.)

You will also be in need of a side table - L'absurde Object has the best selection of vintage sprayed glossy ones I have seen. Of course you can have a lamp it's always a good idea - and let's face it - even if we are reluctant to have them on. And luckily and we have sourced some beautiful ones in our new Appreciation Archive vintage edit especially for those cosy nooks. For an added level of je ne sais quoi, you can of course add some dried flowers in a colourful vase into the mix.

Finally, you will require a stack of magazines or a good book, and perhaps a little jazz to really get things cracking.

Wine and log fire both optional but highly recommended.

Relax & enjoy.
Love Natasha x

This Month's Inspiration
BOOK - Cosy The British Art of Comfort by Laura Weir. What better book to snuggle up with in your scene of cosiness. 

RESTAURANT - The completely wonderful new restaurant, bar and hotel for those of you who wish to make a mini weekend get-a-way. Perhaps a little biased as it's on my very own doorstep here in Margate. But with views of the infamous sunsets combined with the dreamy interiors it's a fail safe plan.

ACTIVITY - Make sure to check out the live screenings from The Royal Opera House up and down the country this autumn/winter season at your local cinema to fill up on a lovely dose of ballet. Dancing is good for the soul and a perfect way to spend an otherwise rainy evening.

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