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Let's Create Spaces That Tell Your Story

Posted by Natasha Lyon on

"She get's colour".
Holly Tucker, founder of Not on the High Street and Holly&Co.
All About The Colour 
I'm all about the colour, an eye for detail and consciously designing or sourcing objects to treasure. Combined with characterful interior design to create unique spaces that tell your story.

What a ride this last two years of Appreciation Project has been! From what started with going all out to modernise dried flowers and engaging you into my colourful world of arranging them and cherishing a little 'you' time. To taking a step further and designing what has become our signature stripe table linens, to mouth-blown glass marble vases (proudly having them all made in Britain) -  all allowing you to indulge in creating your dream tablescape. We have now taken that colour therapy another natural leap further into offering INTERIOR DESIGN CONSULTANCY...see more here.

A Beady Eye for Those Details
After 20 years as a designer in the fashion industry, working in luxury fashion houses alongside creative directors and highly talented teams, it has set me up for a lifetime. Involving joyful research and copious amounts of colour analysis, being totally fixated about the finishing touches and final details.
It seemed an inevitable place to find myself here. And I'm delighted to be able to offer my skills with you personally.
Strike The Right Cord
Interior design doesn't have to blow the budget. Unless you want it too. Perhaps you have an idea but don't know where to start? Maybe you love colour but not sure if it will all look 'too much?' Are prints and patterns your thing but not sure how to pull it all off?

I hear this a lot and that's exactly why with my training as a designer can instil the confidence to consider designs that will suit you and your home. It's not about creating content for social media, or following trends. It's about making sure you find colours that strike the right cord for your home. Making sure the day bed is functional and relaxing, the lights are set correctly, the colours and prints work cohesive, all to make your home a place you want to be most.

It could be just one room, or a full design concept for your entire home.

Get in contact, and let's tell your story.

And just incase you missed it...
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