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M A R B L E S, by Appreciation Project

Posted by Natasha Lyon on

Our most exciting launch yet. Biased? Me? NEVER 

Inspired by the nostalgic past times of marbles, with their wonderful mix of colours and swirling patterns, these whimsical mini objects made me want to characterfully super-size them into mouth-blown glass vases. And most importantly have them made right here in Britain.

Earlier this year, I spent the most wonderful day at a glass blowing studio in Britain, studying with them how to make my designs into reality. I wholeheartedly have to say, it was one of the best days I've had creatively. It was fascinating to watch the whole process... 

From the glass being placed in a furnace to heat it up to a malleable temperature, the prep of the tiny strips of colours, to then inserting the end of the blowpipe into the furnace and rolling the 'gob' of glass attached, to carefully controlling it as its rolled back and forth on the marver, and then taken also back and forth to the hot chamber, enabling the glass to be malleable.

Next rolling the glass onto the coloured glass strips and back on the marvel, then to create shape the glass is blown into with a blow pipe. The glass artist has to blow and rotate at the same time, whilst continually going back and forth to the glory hole. Then when the final shape and design is achieved the glass is removed from the pipe and left to cool in an annealing oven. This whole process is carefully carried out by two craftsmen to create each individual vase.


So there you have it, every single piece is individually and artistically made. No two exactly the same. A true work of art. A colourful collectors item to treasure and cherish that I truly hope you will enjoy.

Natasha x 

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