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Festive Tablescape

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”IT DOESN'T MATTER if you mix old and new, or different styles, colours and patterns. The things you like will always blend, by themselves, into a peaceful whole.” ~ Quote via Svensk Tenn.

The Austrian architect Josef Frank’s oft-quoted interior design philosophy from 1958 is further proof that he was ahead of his time 

Create A Memorable Tablescape
The philosophy of Josef Franks approach is akin to my own when it comes to creating a tablesape that will be memorable for years to come. Often it's all the more pleasing to mix things up high and low, much like you might dress yourself. Fill the table with interesting colours, prints, textures, heirlooms, vintage and finds from small businesses or craftsmen. This freedom will result in a truly unique table that can’t be matched yet will be much desired. There's nothing better than walking into a dinner party where the table is nothing less than magical.

Build Layers of Interest
Begin with the tablecloth, my cloth of choice as you have have noticed by now is a stripe. A great, bold foundation to begin mixing in other details. Next add the placemats, and note they absolutely must be flat! I can name countless occasions I have invested in colourful designs only to discover this creature of beauty is in fact making my plate spin or slide. I currently have my eye on the brilliant combinations from Balu London. Layer on cutlery and glasses, of which you can always seek great finds from vintage Queen Able & Pearl. Select your napkins playfully and its always a lovely detail to pop of a few stems of dried flowers just to make an additional little detail. Once the practical objects are catered for assess what space you have left and fill with your favourite candles and an array of dried flowers. Be sure to add dried eucalyptus where ever possible, it has the most beautiful and calming scent. Then finally, pop in your favourite Christmas decorations as I have done with the whimsical mushrooms by Minnie Mae Stott, ribbons, ric rac or anything that is special to you. It's those final unique touches that make it all the more special.


It's worth remembering when you're shopping for your festive tablescape to try and only invest in things that you truly love, or that will become future heirlooms. Objects that you can take out time and time again and reap all the joy every time.

Now all thats left to do is enjoy!!!! Get dressed up, be merry and celebrate!

Natasha. x

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