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A Small Practical Room

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"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” JUAN MONTOYA


One of those areas of your house that demands functionality, but does this have to mean it has no creativity? Of course not!! This latest journal explores these areas of the home from a pantry, utility room to a boot room and how to inject a burst of joy.

I’m an adamant believer that even if your space is no larger than a cupboard you can still make it practical and creatively magical at the same time.

Case in point; when my son started primary school last September, he came home everyday as though he had competed in some type of mud throwing/rolling/felt tip pen/painting extravaganza and had won first place every time. With this I knew it was time to upgrade our small utility room with butler sink for soaking away all of the fun induced stains.

Of course, if I'm doing one thing, I might as well do it all! As much as I could hear my husband sighing the reoccurring sigh of ‘I thought that room was done’ I got plotting.

Our utility room springs off to the side of our kitchen, where we usually have the door open so you can see directly in. It was white, and whilst this is perfectly fine, it didn't really fit with the rest of the aesthetic of the house. I wanted it to have a pop of colour, make it have a bit more characterful. After sampling various paint colours I opted for the firery orange/red shade called Bamboozle from Farrow and Ball. In keeping with my bold approach to colour I bathed the entire room. I also painted the shelving units above the worktop the same colour, allowing them to blend in.

Next I layered in some softness by adding curtains to cover the washing machine, open cupboards, the hoover, you name it! I had saved some delightful fabric by Josef Frank, it was black with white elephants. It adds the perfect playful element to an other wise practical space. I stocked the freestanding shelves with my treasured tea sets, vases and table linens (designed for Appreciation Project!) adding to the colourful burst of personality.

I also added dried flowers, vintage ‘Lyons Tea’ signs and paintings of which I always use to cover any unsightly plug sockets. I switched out the ceiling spot lights for some industrial black enamel lamp shades by Labour and Wait, I had saved from our last house but hadn't as yet found a place for. Finally the only part that was a stretch too far to change was the black slate flooring, so I opted to lighten up up with a jute woven rug from Edit58. And the transformation of a formely mundane space is now as vibrant as its neighbouring rooms.

Image: Joanna Plant interiors

Image: Good Bones London

Image: hope_and_the_house

Image: Edit58 

Image: 8hollandstreet

Image: Beata Heuman

Top Tips for revamping small spaces;

  • Soften the space with patterned fabric and rugs
  • Layer in personal possessions such as paintings or dried flowers
  • Cover less desirable objects such as the hoover and cleaning products
  • Embrace a bold colour paint
  • Add a splash back of hand painted or vintage *statement tiles (link blog)
  • If you have a more generous budget consider built in cupboards or vintage shelving units
  • There are many options of vinyl flooring, also many sustainable options such as Forbo. These are playful and practical for your space

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Love Natasha x

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