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Statement Tiles

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“Details are not the detail. They make the design.” Charles Eames.

Statement Tiles

I recently designed the family bathroom for my own home, I wanted it to be a colourful, happy and characterful space. It started out with an Edwardian sink (found on Facebook Marketplace for £61!!!) in a beautiful soft pink. This quickly became the center point of all ideas. With an oversized green and cream chequerboard tiled floor and sky blue walls, the sink needed a splash back row of tiles that would bring something extra to the space. Nothing formal, or matchy, or plain. It needed to be something that added a little bit more of a story.


Image @appreciationprojectUK


Forever obsessed with hand painted tiles, I came across the artist @Halhaines who’s playful and naive artwork tiles were exactly what I was after! At £30 each, due to every one carefully being hand-made, it has become a mini artwork and has pulled the personality of the room together.


Image @appreciationprojectUK




So Many Possibilities

This artful addition has now set my head swirling with ideas that I wanted to share with you. Can’t afford to tile the entire wall? Perhaps tiling the whole space not suit the room or feel too heavy? Then, I urge you to consider using a row or mini mural of hand painted tiles instead! It’s also perhaps a more cost-effective addition too. Add some flare of originality to your space, you won’t regret it.


Image via


Image @maude_made


image @tonidarlingfrankk


There are many talented artists and small business owners offering some beautifully unique designs, and below are some favourites I wanted to share with you. Whether it’s a bathroom sink splash-back, a shower alcove shelf, in the kitchen or a utility room, there are so many possibilities!



The perfectly wonderful hand-painted designs by ceramic artist Minnie-May, are true objects of quirky loveliness. Her quintessentially English take on pears, cherries, flowers and tomatoes amongst many other’s, make for a talking point of any room.

Polly Fern

Delightful and charming designs by illustrator and ceramic artist Polly Fern, who uses her designs to make what can only be described as joyful scenes. Her latest in her own home, featuring a glorious oversized display of flowers in a whimsical vase.


Fee Greening for Balineum

Each tile is described as featuring ‘a delicate curiosity I might pocket on windswept coastal walks near my home’. These perfectly formed pieces of art will add an intriguing detail that will always form a smile.


Hal Haines

‘Making things and drawing onto them’ is how the artist, illustrator and designer Hal Haines describes his work. Perfectly naive, colourful and full of whimsy, his designs are pure joy.


Image @minniemaestudio


Image @minniemaestudio


Image @pollyfern


Image @pollyfern


Image @Feegreening for @sarah_balineum 


Antique Tiles

There is also a whole world of vintage and antique tiles to explore. When working on a cloakroom toilet I sourced some vintage Polycell tiles from the 1960s in immaculate condition with beautiful prints of birds. Once again the perfect small addition of personality and colour to a small space, making it all the more unique.


Image @appreciationprojectuk


Below is another stunning example in the founders of the Buchanan Studio. Featuring antique blue and white delft tiles they collected over the years and arranged over the door frame. A beautiful, charismatic detail.



Luxury Tiles

Studio Ashby recently commissioned @sarah_balineum, the Queen of luxury tiles to create this outstanding tiled custom mural, hand-painted by @annagloveinteriors for a clients kitchen. An absolutely breathtaking scene of pure joy. If you have the budget the sky really is the limit to such exquisite details.


Image design @studioashby tiles @annagloverinteriors and @sarah_balineum 


Image design @studioashby tiles @annagloverinteriors and @sarah_balineum


Image design @studioashby tiles @annagloverinteriors and @sarah_balineum 


Why not add a playful wink to your space and make a unique statement.

If you would like to brainstorm and plot, or work on the entire space with a professional eye, get in touch. Let’s start telling your story together.


Natasha x

Image @sarah_balineum 

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