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Caught My Eye - VOLUME 3

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Things Are Looking Up.
"Are you really sure that a floor can't also be a ceiling?'.
Why make your ceiling a focal point?
Ever laid back on your sofa and looked up at the ceiling, or sunk into a foamy bath and noticed your eyes drift upwards. Well this got me thinking, why should all the decorative fun be on the walls? If you think about it, Pope Julius II whom commissioned Michelangelo to paint The Sistine Chapel 's ceiling had it right all along. 
No, I'm not talking about 1970's mirrors above beds, a la Boogie Nights either. There's something about a solid wall colour that calms the eye and then letting it glance upwards and land on something unexpected is like a release of endorphins.
Different Techniques
Hand Painted  ~ mural walls that are hand painted by artists have been noticeably on trending of late and whilst I don't advocate being brainwashed by trends, there is something so humbly pleasing by this artistry. I still have a very vivid memory from a friends childhood home in Leeds, where the family had painted the white walls above the bathtub in luscious green jungle scene. It stuck with me ever since because it was majestic and so personal to the family. Good home decor is always one that tells the story of the family, totally unique to them. To take this concept on to the ceiling would be jaw-dropping goodness.

Another example of this is in the family home of the enviable Laura Jackson, who enlisted the help of Tess Newall to paint a beautiful floral mural all over the walls of her child's nursery. Albiet not the ceiling but a beautifully statement if craftsmanship that can be adopted to the ceiling.
Image via Pinterest

Solid Colour Paint ~ As seen in the eye catching home of Helena Agusti Sanahuja this sky blue ceiling covering over all the decorative moulding's is an absolute joyful feast for the eyes. Unique, fresh and bold. Such simplicity with such a big impact. It also is worth noting that if done correctly by studying the light, the room will look larger and cosier.
Image @helenagusti 
Wallpaper ~ A beautiful example of this technique has been perfectly executed by interior designer Charlotte Reeves of Studio Olive in her envious bathroom. The use of greens throughout create's a very calming atmosphere and then when the eyes greet the ceiling this feeling of tranquility deepens. The talented artist Natascha Maksimovic has used her marble wallpaper that she has cleverly placed in her own home as a border next to a mustard yellow painted ceiling. Making a delightful eye catching result of the period features in the room.
Image @_studio_olive
Image @natmaks 

Decorative Ceiling Mouldings ~ As featured in Appreciation Project's Natasha's lounge, a vast decorative ceiling in traditional design to a period home can be a simple yet impactful technique that makes the room even more spacious. House of Hackney have also just introduced there own ceiling mould designs workshop, encouraging you to paint joyous colours making a real focal point that really adds a special layer of unique detail.
Image @appreciationprojectUK 

Image House of Hackney 
Image House of Hackney

How To Achieve The Look In A Small Space?
You need not be worried that your home doesn't boast large enough ceilings to go full Michelangelo, a little creative imagination in even the smallest of rooms, or toilets can be just as beautiful if worked to the right colour and technique. Using any of the suggested techniques above you can achieve something truly unique, play with proportions and be confident in making something beautiful from the unexpected.
Image House of Hackney

Help Is At Hand
Love the sound of the above but not sure where to start, or achieve this in your own home or project? Book in a 1:1 video consultation with Natasha and get your project off the ground with ease.

This Month's Inspiration

BOOK - Luke Edward Hall - A Kind Of Magic. The most sensational, inspiring world of colour to inspire all your interior design projects.

DAY TRIP - The Rochelle Canteen ran by the talents of Margot Henderson is a secret mini oasis in the middle of Shoreditch. I used to work in one of the studios in the grounds of a converted primary school and it will be forever one of my favourite place so eat and escape in the city.
EXHIBITION- David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away) This immersive digital experience looks mind blowing, I cant wait to go! Showing until 4th June at Lightroom, Kings Cross.

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